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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my page! My name is Lil Keller-Bellows and I'm from New York City who has studied photojournalism at Ohio University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication in Summer of 2021.

I have traveled to all seven continents, over 60 countries and loved documenting every place. My love for traveling started with my mom when we would take short trips over to Europe. Then I started to appreciate the importance of learning about new cultures when I started to travel with People to People and Rustic Pathways.


I strive to learn and capture the unique cultures that every country has to offer. I want to forever experience new cultures, work to raise awareness about endangered species and strive to be an advocate for climate change. 

Other than photography, I love to travel, listen to music, play my guitar and watch too much Netflix.

Enjoy my photos and thanks again for visiting!

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