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Little Fish Brewing Company

Athens, Ohio

     Little Fish Brewing Company operates out of Athens, Ohio. They sell a variety of home-brewed beers that have ingredients that are 100% Ohio-grown. 

     The brewery hosts a variety of different events and attracts a lot of different people. During the summer and fall seasons, there are music nights so that people can enjoy a night out with some background music. One Sunday a month, Little Fish hosts a kids day so that parents can enjoy a beer while watching their kids enjoy the nature surrounding the brewery. There are also many other events like Halloween themed movies during October.

     The brewery serves everyone from new 21 year olds to alumni of Ohio University. One of the more popular weekends at the taproom is Homecoming Weekend. While the bars on Court St. are packed full, Little Fish can be found with alumni of Ohio University and local people from Athens who want to have a beer and some nice food. Little Fish provides an atmosphere that is calm and enjoyable productive for conversations rather than a chaotic environment.

     Little Fish does sustainability work within the brewing process and throughout the taproom. There are compost bins around the brewery and some of their dishes are compostable to make it easier when customers are finished eating. One beer was brewed with almost 100 pounds of stale bread from Village Bakery also in Athens, Ohio.

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